Croatia: Zagreb heats up for potential Eurovision 2025 hosting!

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 1,637 views

Baby Lasagna, the latest Eurovision phenomenon to hit Europe, has united his homeland Croatia and its people with his epic Eurovision entry. The whole nation is backing his Eurovision entry as Eurovision fever is hitting Croatia big time! The majestic Croatian capital city of Zagreb is all set to host Eurovision next year if Baby Lasagna is crowned the winner of Eurovision 2024 in Malmo.

Move over IKEA meatballs, there’s a new contender for Sweden’s biggest claim to fame! Croatia’s culinary Casanova, Baby Lasagna, is stirring up a Eurovision frenzy, the iconic Croatian capitaly city of  Zagreb is already rolling out the red (and white checkered) carpet. With Baby Lasagna currently the bookies’ second favorite to win this year’s contest in Malmö, Eurovision fever is reaching a delicious boiling point in Croatia.

Forget the stress of national selection shows – Zagreb’s got their sights set on the grand prize. Mayor Tomislav Tomašević, in a Reddit Q&A that could only be described as “epic,” declared Zagreb absolutely “ready” to host Eurovision 2025. Apparently, the city’s already secured the Arena Zagreb for April and May of next year, just in case Baby Lasagna serves up a winning performance.

Baby Lasagna, whose real name is Marko Purišić (but seriously, who wouldn’t choose the lasagna moniker?), has become a national hero. His catchy tune “Rim Tim Tagi Dim” is blasting from every car window, and impromptu dance parties erupt whenever the song comes on. It’s safe to say Croatia’s behind Baby Lasagna 110%, with a side of extra mozzarella.

Imagine the scenes: Arena Zagreb transformed into a Eurovision wonderland, a sea of Croatian flags waving in the air, and the entire nation united in a chorus of “Rim Tim Tagi Dim!” It would be a celebration of music, togetherness, and of course, the universal love for a good lasagna.

So, will Baby Lasagna bring home the bacon, er, lasagna, for Croatia? Only time will tell. But one thing’s for sure, Zagreb is ready to dish up a piping hot Eurovision extravaganza if he does. Get ready for a contest filled with Balkan beats, Eurovision-themed baklava, and enough enthusiasm to rival a thousand hungry diners. Now that’s a recipe for success!

Baby Lasagna will represent Croatia at Eurovision 2024 with his song ‘ Rim Tim Tagi Dim‘.

Photo credit: Miljenko Hedegic/