Eurovision 2024: How will the running order shake up the odds?

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 3,379 views

Eurovision fans, hold onto your glitter-glued hats! The running orders for the 2024 Semi-finals have landed, and let me tell you, the race to Eurovision glory just got a whole lot more dramatic. We all know a killer song is key to winning Eurovision, but the running order? That sneaky little detail can make or break a country’s chances.

Remember that time Lordi triumphed in 2006 with their hard rock anthem “Hard Rock Hallelujah“? Performing right after a ballad, their over-the-top performance stood out like a chrome monster truck in a ballet. That’s the power of running order!

This year, with Croatia’s quirky “Rim Tim Tagi Dim” by Baby Lasagna as the current frontrunner according to Oddcheckers, all eyes are on where they’ll be placed in the Grand Final. Will they open the show, setting the tone? Or sandwiched between ballads, amping up the energy? Every Eurovision fan with a Wi-Fi connection is buzzing with theories.

Hot favorites Croatia will perfoming #7 in the First Semi-final between Poland and Iceland, whilst the other hot favourite Ukraine has been nestled to perform at #5 between the UK ( automatic qualifier) and Poland. Both Croatia and Ukraine  (1st and 3rd in the betting odds) will be perfoming in the first half of the First Semi-final. Will the running order influence the outcome of each of the semi-finals? We must not forget that the 20 qualifiers from the Semi-finals will be determined via a 100% televoting deliberation.

Switzerland which is 4th in the betting odds is performing at #4 in the Second Semi-final has been nestled between Greece and and Czechia. 

Another hot favorite, the Netherlands, currently 5th in the betting odds will be closing the Second Semi-final with an energetic feel good European hymn. The country’s odds have further shortened after the Eurovision 2024 Semi-final Running Order reveal.

Both France and Italy (automatic qualifiers) have seen a surge in their betting odds after the Eurovision 2024 Semi-final running orders reveal, eventhough both countries are automatic qualifiers in the Grand Final, both will be performing live during the Semi-finals.

Here’s a sneak peek at the Top 10 contenders in the betting odds, courtesy of Oddcheckers:

Rank Country Artist Odds
1 Croatia Baby Lasagna 17/5
2 Italy Angelina Mango 5/1
3 Ukraine Alyona Alyona & Jerry Heil  23/4
4 Switzerland Nemo 15/2
5 The Netherlands Joost Klein 9/1
6 Belgium Mustii 12/1
7 Greece Marina Satti 20/1
8 France Slimane 25/1
9 Israel Eden Golan 35/1
10 Sweden Marcus & Martinus 40/1

So, will Croatia hold onto their lead, or will a surprise contender steal the show thanks to a strategic running order placement? Only time (and maybe a little Eurovision magic) will tell! Get ready to witness unforgettable performances, strategic song sequencing, and, of course, plenty of glitter. This is Eurovision, after all, and the drama has just begun!

The 2024 Eurovision Song Contest is scheduled to be held on 07, 09, 11 May at the Malmo Arena in Malmo, Sweden.

Photo credit:  EBU/SVT