Cyprus: The strong message behind Silia Kapsis’ Eurovision entry

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 603 views

With the countdown clock ticking for Silia Kapsis to premiere her ESC entry ‘Liar’, the Cypriot national broadcaster CyBC has unveiled the strong message behind the 2024 Cypriot Eurovision song.

One more sleep to go! Silia Kapsis, the 2024 Cypriot Eurovision hopeful, will be unveiling her Eurovision 2024 entry ‘Liar’ along with its official music video tomorrow at 17:00 CET on CyBC’s official website and at 18:00 CET on the Official Eurovision Song Contest Youtube channel.

Liar has been composed by none other than the Greek Eurovision Midas aka Dimitris Kontopoulous along with Elke Tiel. The song carries a strong message of self liberation from fake and oppressive situations:

‘Liar’the title of the song, penned by Dimitris Kontopoulos and Elke Tiel that will represent Cyprus at the 68th Eurovision Song Contest, doesn’t necessarily confine its meaning to a person but also represents a number of fake situations that today’s often artificial and superficial reality has sadly imposed. Situations such as body shaming, sexuality as well as every form of oppression.

The official music video of ‘Liar’ has been filmed entirely on the beautiful island of Cyprus, namely at the City of Dreams Mediterranean resort in Limassol showcasing the new casion resort and the Limassol Marina. It has been ages since a Cypriot Eurovision music video has been filmed on Aphrodite’s island, as most of the music videos in recent years have been filmed in Greece ( Eleni Foureira, Tamta, Andrew Lambrou,  etc). The music video has been directed by none other than Kostas Karydas.

The official press release reads:

This is exactly the interpretation depicted in the music video of the entry directed by Kostas Karydas that is to be released on all platforms on February 29th 2024. In the said video, which was filmed after many years in Cyprus and more specifically at the City Of Dreams Mediterranean – the new landmark casino resort of the island and at the Limassol Marina, we see through the eyes of the representative of Cyprus Silia Kapsis a series of oppressive situations that a fake world and the negative side of social media often impose.

In the second part of the music video, we see Silia Kapsis reacting to these situations, rocking the boat and daring to live her truth while at the same time inspiring others to follow her in a celebration of liberating oneself from such lies. In the music video one can also see an extremely small part of the dynamic choreography by the distinguished L.A. choreographers Guy Groove and Kelly Sweeney with which “Liar” will be presented on stage in Malmo.

Guy Groove and Kelly Sweeny, the distinguished and internationally acclaimed  L.A based choreographers, will be behind Silia’s Eurovision 2024 stage choreography in Malmo, Sweden.

Silia Kapsis and the Cypriot delegation are working round the clock and from strength to strength in order to showcase an extraordinary and mindblowing performance at the forthcoming 2024 Eurovision Song Contest in Malmo.

Photo credit: CyBC
Source: CyBC