Moldova: Etapa Nationala 2024 competing acts unveiled

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TRM, the Moldovan national broadcaster, has unveiled the competing acts at the forthcoming 2024 Moldovan national selection- Etapa Nationala.

The Moldovan national broadcaster has revealed the 32 competing acts at Etapa Nationala 2024. These acts will perform during the live audition stage (scheduled to be held on 13 January) and only 10 of them will proceed to the Grand Final (scheduled to be held on 17 February) after a jury deliberation.

You can listen to the competing songs here.

  • Aliona Moon feat. Milla – Obosit (withdrawn)
  • Anna G – Ay ay ay
  • Anna Gulko – Perfect Place
  • Cǎtǎlina Solomac – Fever
  • Denis Midone – Back To Me
  • Dpstp – Rise Up
  • Formația Vele – Carnaval
  • Iulia Teleucă – Runaway
  • Laura – Spune-Mi
  • Maria Ciolac – Break Free
  • Max Cara – Broke The Chain
  • Natalia Barbu – In The Middle
  • Nicoleta Sava – Bravo
  • Nino – Up Again
  • OL – No Time No Space
  • Oliv Sky – Another Universe
  • Oliv Sky – Loud And Clear
  • Poli – Lui
  • Reghina Alexandrina – Contrasens
  • Sasha Bognibov – Married To Twins
  • Sasha Letty – DNA
  • Spînu Oleg – Jungle
  • Trupa Vovi Robian – Robotul Vovi
  • Tudor Bumbac – Tudorel
  • Valeria Pasha – Anti-Princess
  • Valleria – Rule (Rai Di Ri Di)
  • Valleria – Run
  • Victor Gulick – Fever
  • Victor Lozinsky – Dirty Wind/Joker And Harley Move
  • Viola Julea – Light Up!
  • Y-Limit – Revolution
  • Y-Limit – What’s The Fun

Notably Natalia Barbu represented Moldova at Eurovision 2007 in Helsinki. Aliona Moon feat. Milla (Moldova 2013) have withdrawn from the competition a day after the official announcement.

The competition consists of three stages:

  • Evaluations of submitted songs
  • Live auditons
  • National Final

The live auditions will be held on 13 January whilst the National Final has been set on 17 February.

Moldova in Eurovision

Moldova debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2005 with Zdob si Zdub and is yet to win the event. The country achieved its best result in the competition in 2017 when Sunstroke Project placed 3rd in the Grand Final in Kyiv with their entry Hey Mamma!

Moldova has been competing in religiously every year in Europe’s favourite television show since their debut in 2005, namely the country has partaken in the contest 18 times.

In 2023 Pasha Parfeni represented Moldova at the Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool with his entry ‘Soarele si Luna‘.

Source: TRM
Photo credit: Sarah Louise Bennett/ EBU