Eurovision 2024: SVT unveils the theme art ‘Eurovision Lights’

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 707 views

SVT, the Swedish national broadcaster, has unveiled the magnificent theme art for the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest ‘Eurovision Lights’ which has taken its inpiration from the ‘Northern Lights’.

The 2024 Eurovision Song Contest’s slogan will be the same one used by the BBC for Eurovision 2023- ‘United by Music’. SVT will be dressing these words in a visual expression and presents “The Eurovision Lights“. Johan Bello from Uncut, is the man is behind the creation, where the northern lights are the great inspiration.

SVT’s press release reads:

By combining the northern lights and the harmonic rhythm of the equalizers, a visual system was created – “The Eurovision Lights”. The concept is based on simple linear gradients, inspired by the vertical lines that permeate both the northern lights and the equalizers, and has been created to be a versatile identity that can be adapted according to needs and devices.

By using simple gradients as the basic building blocks of the visual identity, a clear graphic is created that also enables adaptations to both larger and smaller units. This scalability is central to ensuring a consistent experience regardless of platform and screen size.

Christel Tholse Willers (ESC 2024 Deputy Executive Producer) says:

We are so proud to present an identity that is designed to be flexible and useful both on and off the TV show. It is inspired by the magnificent “Northern lights”, whose beauty and mystery have been transformed into “The Eurovision Lights”. It is a captivating and beautiful mix of Eurovision’s sparkling colors that will not only adorn the program but also create exciting variations in different contexts and a Eurovision feel in Malmö’s urban space.

John Bello (Uncut/Creative Director ESC 2024)  says:

The identity is not just a logo but a story in itself, with the northern lights as the basis and the Eurovision Song Contest’s [brand] colour palette as the driving force. This union of elements creates a dynamic and versatile palette that will open up for creative use in different ways.

Sidney Leam ( Bold/ Lead Designer ESC 2024)  says:

Our goal is to use clean, simple gradients as basic building blocks to create a Eurovision identity that is bright, modern and forward-looking.

The 2024 Eurovision Song Contest is scheduled to be held on 07, 09 and 11 May at the Malmo Arena in Malmo in Sweden.

Source: SVT/EBU
Photo credit: SVT/EBU