EBU: Eurovision Workshop in Berlin on 12 September

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 813 views

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) is holding the annual Eurovision Workshop in Berlin on Tuesday 12 September.

Many Heads of Delegation and professionals involved in the Eurovision Song Contest from the competing countries will be meeting up tomorrow (Tuesday 12 September)  in the German capital for the Eurovision Workshop. The event will be held at Berlin’s Meistersaal.

TV Producers, Heads of Delegation, TV Executives and other professionals involved at the Eurovision Song Contest will be sharing their experiences and know how on Europe’s favourite television show. They will be also sharing the various ways of presenting the show to the audience and preparing for the event.

Many factors regarding the event will be discussed including: what it entails to host such a mega show in a financially sustainable way, how to keep the costs low and how does the EBU support the host broadcaster in the lead up to the grand event.

Former ESC executives and EBU’s Team will be shedding more light on the mechanism behind the scenes and updating the attendees  with the latest developments and updates regarding the show.

Source: EBU
Photo credit: EBU