Sander is sceptical about him being selected

by Remi Kübar 275 views

Although many people in Estonia wish to see Mart Sander as a host for the big night, he himself thinks sceptical about his chances to be selected.

“The choice will be made only by the organizing commitee and I know that some members do not approve my candidature,” sayed Sander. “It's nice to gain popularity, but it doesn't guarantee the job and salary,” is Sander sceptical.

By this morning Estonians have sent 34 candidates for a malehost and 44 candidates for a femalehost to the website of Eurolaul 2002 .

The Press Chief of ESC 2002 Raivo Suni sayed that the choice will be made by the board. “Discussion about the candidates will be made in November,” sayed Suni.