Spain: Benidorm Fest 2023 Grand Final tickets go on sale today!

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Are you planning to fly for Spain for the forthcoming 2023 Spanish national selection- Benidorm Fest, then it’s time to grab your tickets for the show!

Ticket sales for Benidorm Fest 2023 will be continuing off today with tickets for the Grand Final going on sale.

Tickets for the semi-finals will cost 30 Euros whilst tickets for the Grand Final will cost 40 euros. A total of 1,000 tickets for each show will be put on sale via

Benidorm Fest 2023 Ticket Sales Dates

  • 7/11/22- Ticket Sales for Semi-final #1  (31st January)
  • 11/11/22- Ticket Sales for Semi-final #2 ( 2nd February)
  • 14/11/22- Ticket Sales for Grand Final  (4th February)

Benidorm Fest 2023

The 2023 Benidorm Fest will consist of three live televised shows (two semi-finals and a Grand Final). A total of 18 acts will compete in the 2023 Spanish national selection, 9 acts will battle in each of the two semi-finals, the top four acts from each semi-final will proceed to the Grand Final. Hence a total of 8 acts will battle for the golden to Eurovision 2023 in the Grand Final. Benidorm Fest 2023 will run from 29 January-4 February.

Spain will determine its 2023 entry and act on Saturday 4 February 2023.

  • 29/01/ 2023- Benidorm Fest 2023 Opening Ceremony
  • 31/01/2023- Benidorm Fest 2023 Semi-final #1
  • 02/02/2023- Benidorm Fest 2023 Semi-final #2
  • 04/02/2023- Benidorm Fest 2023 Grand Final

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