Bookies Roundup 2022 : Early Favourite Ukraine Going Strong

by Richard West-Soley 10,998 views

With rehearsals well underway in Torino, bookmakers’ odds give the first glimpse of expected fates and fortunes at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. So, with less than two weeks to go, who do punters believe the main challengers are?

Ukraine still tops the current favourites to win outright, averaging decimal odds of just under 2. Host nation Italy is in a moderately distant second place on odds of 5, with Sweden right behind around 7. The UK and Spain complete the top five on a more distant 11 and 17 respectively.

Just outside the top five, Greece, Norway, Poland, Netherlands and France are highly favoured with top ten positions in the odds roundup. Australia, having challenged for the tenth spot earlier today, slips back slightly, with Serbia and Portugal now tapping the the door to the top ten.

Outright Winner

  1. Ukraine
  2. Italy
  3. Sweden
  4. UK
  5. Spain
  6. Greece
  7. Norway
  8. Poland
  9. Netherlands
  10. France

In 2021, bookies’ rankings for the outright win collectively hit upon four out of the top five in the final. Are they on the money this year, too? There’s all to play for as rehearsals continue.