Eurovision 2022: EBU’s statement on the stage

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 10,348 views

Danish national broadcaster, DR, has reported that the 2022 Eurovision stage’s kinetic sun will not be used during the 40 Eurovision performances in Turin due to technical issues.

According to DR several delegations have had to change their performances and stagings due to technical issues afflicting the 2022 Eurovision stage’s kinetic sun which has seen problems in its movement.

Denmark is one of the countries who has been affected by this problem and has had to change its performance in order to adapt to the new situation.

The DR report goes on to state:

The problem is the main element on this year’s stage, a large solar construction of metal that, according to the plan, should be able to turn around.

However, the big turn around element ‘kinetic sun’ does not work as intended, and Italian television has announced behind the scenes that it will not have time to fix the problems before the big TV show.

It is the “sun”, the large semicircle on this year’s stage, that is causing the Eurovision organizers problems. The “sun” consists of seven separate discs that should be able to rotate independently of each other, but the technique behind does not work as planned.

The Eurovision stage in the making (Photo credit: Atelier Montinaro)

The EBU sent out a stament to the competing broadcasters three days before the start of the first rehearsals informing them that it had decided not to use the kinetic sun due to technical issues.

The EBU sent out the following statement to DR:

During the technical tests in Turin, the production team has experienced challenges with how long it takes to adjust the “sun” to different positions in the time between the different performances,.

Together with the host station RAI (Italian TV) it was therefore decided that the sun will remain in the same position during all 40 songs, to ensure a fair competition for all participating countries, writes EBU, refusing to comment further on the problems with the scene.

Source: DR
Photo credit: Atelier Francesca Montinaro