Sweden: SVT confirms commentators for Eurovision 2022

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 1,047 views

SVT, the Swedish national broadcsater, has announced the names of the 2022 Eurovision Swedish commentators.

Edward Af Sillen and Linnea Henriksson will be the Swedish commentators at Eurovision 2022. Edward will be taking this role for the 11th time whilst Linnea will be debuting for the first time in this role.

For Eurovision-savvy director, screenwriter and TV profile Edward af Sillén, it will be the eleventh time as a commentator for the European Championships in music. Linnea Henriksson makes her debut in the Eurovision context but is not new to Mellovärlden. In 2020, she hosted the Melodifestivalen together with David Sundin and Lina Hedlund.

Linnea and Edward long to take on the task.

Linnea Henriksson says:

I am incredibly looking forward to experiencing Eurovision on site to both feel and like – what I otherwise always do from home. Now I get to do it in the commentator booth together with nice and sharp Edward and with the luxury that both the audience and Edward will finally hear what I say. Wow, how much fun it will be.

Edward af Sillén says:

I have known Linnea for many years and I love her humor, her warmth and her musical  beating heart. Together we want to guide the viewers through the program with knowledge, laughter and enormous love for the world’s biggest and most fun music competition!

The 2022 Eurovision Song Contest live shows will be broadcast on SVT 1 and SVT PLay at 21:00 CET on 10, 12 and 14 May.

Commentators 2000-2021

  • 2000: Christer Lundh and Pernilla Månsson
  • 2001: Henrik Olsson
  • 2002: Christer Björkman and Claes Åkeson
  • 2003: Pekka Heino
  • 2004: Pekka Heino
  • 2005: Pekka Heino
  • 2006: Pekka Heino
  • 2007: Kristian Luuk and Josef Sterzenbach
  • 2008: Kristian Luuk and Josef Sterzenbach
  • 2009: Edward af Sillén and Shirley Clamp
  • 2010: Edward af Sillén and Christine Meltzer
  • 2011: Edward af Sillén and Hélène Benno
  • 2012: Edward af Sillén and Gina Dirawi
  • 2013: Josefine Sundström
  • 2014: Edward af Sillén and Malin Olsson
  • 2015: Edward af Sillén and Sanna Nielsen
  • 2016: Lotta Bromé
  • 2017: Edward af Sillén and Måns Zelmerlöw
  • 2018: Edward af Sillén and Sanna Nielsen
  • 2019: Edward af Sillén and Charlotte Perrelli
  • 2020: The event got canceled
  • 2021: Edward af Sillén and Christer Björkman
  • 2022: Edward af Sillén and Linnea Henriksson


Source: SVT
Cover Photo Credit: SVT/ Janne Danielsson