Eurovision 2021: Live Poll continues with Semi-final 2; vote here!

by Michalis Vranis 19,148 views

The Eurovision Song Contest Semi-final 2 is about to take place in few hours live from Rotterdam’s Ahoy arena, and the remaining 17 countries will compete to win a spot in the Grand Final. Who will be the lucky 10? Let’s find who you would like to see competing this Saturday. 

The show will kick off tonight at 21:00 CET and the results are yet unclear on which countries will be the lucky ones to win the gold ticket and compete in the Grand Final.

For the 5th year in a row, ESCToday organizes the Eurovision Live Poll, where everyone can vote for their favourite country of the tonight’s show. The poll runs anonymously and the results are being presented live everyone’s screen via a live stream video. Check the Semi-final 1 Live Poll here

How to vote?

The rules are simple, vote for your favourite country tonight by clicking the respective button below it’s video. Your vote will be counted immediately and added up the live video scoreboard. The points are being updated every 5 seconds. Every visitor is not allowed to vote for more than once, to keep it fair for the rest. Visit the link below and let’s see which are the 10 winners!


Previous Years

The Live Poll saw great success the previous years as thousands of people gathered to cast their vote on the live poll. Especially for 2020, when the cancellation of Eurovision Song Contest 2020 was announced due to Covid-19, ESCToday decided to turn the Live Poll into a Eurovision Home Contest, where everyone was asked to vote for their favourites, right from home. The winner was Lithuania, and The Roop. You may read more about it here