OGAE Poll 2021: The Netherlands opens the scoreboard

by Stefano Casellini 4,246 views

Crash boom bang! What would a good Eurovision season be without the famous OGAE poll? ESCtoday for one more year brings you the points of this year’s OGAE International poll. Ready? Here we go! 43 fanclubs from 42 countries as well as the rest of the world will vote their favourite acts on this year’s Eurovision.

Good evening Europe, good morning Australia! Time has come to start looking for hot favourites. The OGAE contest has often predicted an accurate top-3. Since the beginning of the contest in 2007, the fandom has placed the ultimate Eurovision winner on the podium eight times, picking the same winner five times!

This year’s announcements will come into two blocks. First, half of the fanclubs will reveal their votes individually in the upcoming days. On 7 May 2021 the other half will announce their points in a special Grand Video. Who’s coming home with the trophy?

May we have your votes, please?

The first fanclub to announce their points is this year’s host, the Netherlands. The first douze points were revealed today on the OGAE International‘s official website.

  • 12 points to Switzerland
  • 10 points to Malta
  • 8 points to France
  • 7 points to San Marino
  • 6 points to Cyprus
  • 5 points to Lithuania
  • 4 points to Iceland
  • 3 points to Sweden
  • 2 points to Greece
  • 1 point to Romania

OGAE Netherlands choses Tout l’univers of Gjon’s Tears as their favourite. Being the first set of points, this also counts as current ranking.


Stay tuned for more sets of votes from the rest of Europe… and Australia!

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