Tonight: the Grand Video of OGAE poll 2021!

by Stefano 1,775 views

Good evening Europe, may we have your votes please? This time it’s for real! The 2021 OGAE international poll is marching towards the end. Tonight we will discover the winner of the most important fan’s vote.

We have gone through three weeks of intense voting. From Portugal to Latvia, from France to Australia, fans have casted their votes expressing their opinion of the entries to the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest.

With rehearsals in Rotterdam just a few days away, the 2021 OGAE international poll is ready to crown this year’s fan’s favourite. Created in 2007, this poll has seen the triumph of several ultimate ESC winners like Marija Šerifović (Serbia, 2007), Alexander Rybak (Norway, 2009), Loreen (Sweden, 2012), Emmelie de Forest (Denmark, 2013) and Netta Barzilai (Israel, 2018).

In 2020 the winner of the OGAE international poll was The Roop from Lithuania with the entry On fire. The second place went to Iceland‘s Daði og Gagnamagnið with Think about things and third came Gjon’s Tears from Switzerland with Répondez-moi. has been reporting the votes of individual fan clubs since 13 April 2021. It is now time to move to the Grand Video. Tonight at 21:00 CET on the YouTube channel of the OGAE international network, the 22 remaining fan clubs will announce their results just like at Eurovision. What a better way to get the engines ready for the Grand Final of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest on 22 May 2021?

Provisional scoreboard

After 21 votes out of 43, the scoreboard is dominated by four countries: Switzerland, France, Malta and Lithuania. They have collectively received 18 of the 21 douze points distributed so far. San Marino, Cyprus and Italy also each scored twelve points once. With 26 entries able to score points on the scoreboard so far, this is how the current top 10 looks like ahead of the Grand Video:

  1. Switzerland – 194 points
  2. Malta – 169 points
  3. France – 162 points
  4. Lithuania – 143 points
  5. San Marino – 118 points
  6. Cyprus – 106 points
  7. Sweden – 59 points
  8. Italy – 43 points
  9. Azerbaijan – 40 points
  10. Ukraine – 32 points

The competition has been particularly tight so far. Switzerland is in the lead with 194 points, 25 more than Malta and 32 more than France. However, OGAE Switzerland will vote tonight whereas OGAE Malta and OGAE France both have already announced their results. Could this have an impact on the overall outcome? Will Lithuania manage to climb back on the podium? Will Malta and France be able to steal the lead to Switzerland, which has sat on top on the scoreboard since day 1? Tonight we will know all the answers!

Who do you think will win the 2021 OGAE international poll? And who is your favourite? Let us know with a comment below!