The stage will be designed by Iir Hermeliin

by Remi Kübar 326 views

The stage of ESC 2002 will be designed by Iir Hermeliin�s team, who won the design competition for designing the stage.

The member of the jury, the rector of Estonian Academy of Arts Ando Keskküla sayed that Hermeliin�s work was highly conseptional and offered the most possibilities for different design elements.

�Integral spatial solution offers good possibilities to use videoprojection and light-programmes,� he sayed.

28-years old Iir Hermeliin (name in passport Hille Ermel) is a free-lance artist. She took part of competition with a work whos� co-authors are City architect of Narva (A town in the border of Estonia and Russia – Ülar Mark and stylist Ain Nurmela.