Armenia: Sirusho goes live on Instagram with Romanian star Alexandra Stan

by Valentinos Gilbert 910 views

In isolation, music feels more necessary than usual. That’s why many artists in quarantine are finding other ways to perform “live”, via platforms like Instagram and YouTube. These “quarantine concerts” are playing a fascinating role in keeping the public arts alive while public life is on lockdown.

On their Instagram profiles today, both pop icon Sirusho, who represented Armenia in 2008 and Romanian pop star Alexandra Stan announced to go live tonight, on the evening of 27 April in order to give their fans a good energy. Fans will also have the chance to ask questions and see their favorite artists in a way that might not be able under normal circumstances.

Sirusho specifically writes in her Instagram page:

We have been in touch with some of my international colleagues and we talk about how we work and create music from home. We decided to make you guys a part of these discussions. We will be connecting through Instagram Live.

Sirusho at Eurovision

Sirusho reached international recognition after becoming the Armenian spokesperson for the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest and the Armenian representative for the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest held in Belgrade. She represented Armenia with the song Qélé, Qélé, which she co-wrote with Armenian producer H.A. Der-Hovagimian. Qélé, Qélé became hit for all Eurovision following fans around the world.

About Alexandra Stan

Alexandra Stan is a Romanian singer and songwriter. She made her worldwide breakthrough with the 2010 single Mr. Saxobeat. She has received a number of awards and nominations, including the European Border Breakers Award, Japan Gold Disc Award, an MTV Europe Music Award and two Romanian Music Awards.