Sweden: Sarah Dawn Finer to host “Sveriges 12:a” on 14 May

by Stratos Agadellis 1,229 views

The word is out! SVT, the Swedish national broadcaster has announced that Sarah Dawn Finer has been assigned to host Sveriges 12:a, their alternative show for the canceled Eurovision Song Contest 2020.

It was in early April when SVT revealed its special Eurovision schedule for May, on the occasion of the cancellation of this year’s Eurovision in Rotterdam. As part of the program, an alternative show called Sveriges 12:a was announced, in which the vote of the Swedish fans will highlight this year’s winner among the 41 songs that ultimately failed to reach the stage of our favorite contest. Discover more information about the show’s format and the broadcaster’s schedule here.

“Lynda Woodruff” calling!

It was just today that we learned that the experienced Sarah will be the one to take on the role of presenter on the show that will air live on 14 May. The beloved “Lynda Woodruff” of Melodifestivalen will be returning to something she admittedly knows very well how to do.

Excitement is pervasive and she states:

I love the live broadcast, when anything can happen. And to lead Sveriges 12:a is indeed a great honor! There is of course a pity that Eurovision is set in the year, but it’s easy to understand why. So therefore particularly gratifying that with this program, a large candy bowl for all Eurovision-lovers, spreading joy and music. It is something we all need right now!

While taking a look back at the past, she remembers her strong feelings when she found herself as a host in Eurovision-related shows.

I really felt the power and love when I was a commentator at the “Eurovision Song Contest’s Greatest Hits” and even “Before ESC”. In addition, I participated as an intermission in Malmö in 2013 and in Stockholm in 2016, both as Lynda Woodruff and myself.

In parallel, the show’s producer and one of the most well-known people within the Eurovision world, Christer Björkman, shows this artist as the most suitable for this mission:

Sarah feels like the perfect choice to lead our alternative contest. She is super anchored in the Eurovision and has a great love for the context. We will certainly deliver a delightful evening with great nostalgia and real tension!

This year, the Swedes were to be represented by the group The Mamas, which triumphed in Melodifestivalen 2020 with the song Move. Last year, the female trio (alongside former member Paris Renita) provided backing vocals for John Lundvik, who flew the Swedish flag in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Sweden in Eurovision 2019

Following his victory in Melodifestivalen 2019, John Lundvik flew to Tel Aviv and proudly represented Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019, with his pop song Too late for love, penned by John himself, as well as Anderz Wrethov and Andreas “Stone” Johansson.

Sweden participated in the second semi-final of the contest, where they placed 3rd and they received one of the 10 tickets to the Grand Final. In the final, they ended up 5th with 334 points in total.

Sweden is the most successful Eurovision country within the previous decade, with a Top 10 placing almost every year since 2011 (apart from 2013), including two victories (2012, 2015).

Source: SVT