Belgium: Hooverphonic aboard Eurovision 2021

by Stefano 1,041 views

It’s a weird feeling to be talking about the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest in… 2021. Yet, with presumably 14 months to go our beloved music show is already taking shape. Next up to confirm their representatives is Belgium. The country will send Hooverphonic, again!

They were the very first representatives to be announced for the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam. The Flemish band Hooverphonic had been chosen by Flemish broadcaster VRT via an internal selection. The recent change of plans for the forthcoming Eurovision didn’t change the mind of the Belgians. It’s indeed again Hooverphonic who will fly the Belgian flag in 2021! The choice was published recently on the website of VRT.

“We are still looking forward to it”

Mr. Olivier Goris (Programme Director of Een) says:

The cancellation of the Eurovision Song Contest was a blow to everyone, but also an understandable and correct decision. It only shows what exceptional and difficult times we are experiencing. We are very grateful to our colleagues at RTBF that they are willing to submit the VRT entry next year to continue.

Hooverphonix are very happy to represent Belgium at ESC 2021:

It is nice that we have such a fast confirmation that we can go to the Eurovision Song Contest next year. We are still really looking forward to that. We are now going to take the time to see how we prepare for May next year.

Hooverphonic were expected to jump on stage in the second half of the first semi final on Tuesday 12 May 2020 with the entry Release me.

And as we wait for the new Belgian act to be revealed after September 2020, let’s appreciate this year’s choice once again: