Eurovision 2020: Maastricht secures 3,000 hotel rooms for ESC

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 1,942 views

The City of Maastricht and its potential Eurovision venue, MECC Maastricht, are working round the clock preparing their 2020 Eurovision bid. Maastricht has officially applied to host the competition, the city has reportedly secured hotels both in and around the city in order to accomodate the Eurovision delegations, artists, media and production teams if they win the hosting bid.

MECC Maastricht‘s General Director Mr. Rob Wan de Wiel has secured 3,000 hotel rooms in and around Maastricht in preparation for the possible arrival of the Eurovision Song Contest to Maastricht according to local media reports.

This step has been taken to ensure that there is sufficient accommodation available for everyone who arrives to Maastricht for the Eurovision Song Contest.

Van de Wiel says it is unique that this is immediately picked up by the MECC and the Stichting Samenwerkende Hotels Maastricht (SAHOT).

The idea is that in this way there are at least enough rooms available for the people who are delegated for the Songfestival. If the event does not come to Maastricht, the rooms can be returned without incurring any costs. The general director goes on to say that more options are offered in hotel rooms if the MECC brings (possibly) large events to Maastricht.

 Bidbook requirements

Van de Wiel expects to learn more details regarding the criteria and requirements that entail hosting the Eurovision Song Contest from the organizing bodies by 5 July 2019. Hence a result, a bid book will be prepared and sent. Basically this is already done.

Rob Van de Wiel says:

We are already working on it. We do this every week to bring in events and congresses. The time we need for the bidbook depends on the requirements. We hope we will be selected!

He then expects the organization to visit Maastricht to see the possibilities with their own own eyes.

Hotelier Camille Oostwegel also keeps in mind that in May 2020, Maastricht can become the nucleus of an international event:

We take it into account ourselves and provide free rooms.

Where will the Netherlands host the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest?

The Netherlands map

So far  circa ten cities/regions in the Netherlands have shown interest in hosting the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest. Will they all make it to the final cut and comply with the EBU’s hosting requirements?

Will they all make it to the final cut and comply with the EBU’s hosting requirements? We will have to wait a little longer to find out. NPO, AVROTROS and NOS officially kicked off the 2020 ESC Host City Bid process last week. The host city selection will consist of three phases.

The EBU and the three Dutch public broadcasters  are yet to determine the dates for Eurovision 2020. The Netherlands will have the honour to host ESC 2020 next year thanks to Duncan Laurence’s magnificent victory in Tel Aviv earlier this month.