Vlatko Ilievski releases new song

by Alexandru Busa 165 views

This year's F.Y.R. Macedonia's Eurovision entrant, Vlatko Ilievski, released a brand new song prior to a special performance at the Suncane Skale music festival which is due to take place in Montenegro. Vlatko will represent FYR Macedonia aiming to win The Best Summer Song award.

Stars from all across Europe will participate in the Suncane Skale music festival 2011 which will take place in Montenegro on July 4th, 5th and 6th. Vlatko Ilievski who represented FYR Macedonia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011, will represent his country in Montenegro with his brand new song entitled Moja tamna rijeko.

Suncane Skale is a popular music festival held within the former Yugoslavian countries since 1994. Apart from Montenegrin and Serbian singers, popular artists from South-East Europe, as well as from Italy, Sweden, Ukraine, USA , Albania, Spain, Russia, Malta and Denmark also took part in the competition.

You can listen to Vlatko Ilievski's new song below :