OGAE Poll 2019: The results from EC Germany and the winner!

by Stratos Agadellis 6,716 views

ESCToday, in collaboration with OGAE International for the 12th year in a row, was bringing and presenting the results from all 44 OGAE clubs, each of whom voted for the song and country they would like to see winning the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest, which will be staged in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Voting was well and truly underway across the OGAE fan clubs for yet another Eurovision edition, with more than 3,500 members having conducted their votes in the 2019 edition of the returning OGAE Poll. With 44 OGAE clubs voting, which entry is finally going to top the scoreboard of the OGAE International clubs this year?

Just 4 days before the rehearsals start in the host city of Tel Aviv, OGAE Poll 2019 concludes and declares its winner with the votes from EC Germany.

Top 10 from OGAE EC Germany

  • 1 point goes to Denmark
  • 2 points go to Iceland
  • 3 points go to Cyprus
  • 4 points go to Azerbaijan
  • 5 points go to Russia
  • 6 points go to Norway
  • 7 points go to Sweden
  • 8 points go to… Italy
  • 10 points go to… Switzerland
  • 12 points go to… The Netherlands!

And yes! We can now say that the predominant of this tough battle, which had a dubious end result until the last minute, is Italy! Mahmood finishes in first place with a total score of 411 points and 13 sets of 12 points! Congratulazioni, Mahmood!

Second place went to Switzerland with Luca Hänni, who gathered 406 points, while with 5 less points, The Netherlands with Duncan Laurence ended up third! Norway and Cyprus shared the next two positions, with 224 and 218 points respectively.

Top 5 of OGAE Poll 2019

  1. Italy – 411 points
  2. Switzerland – 406 points
  3. The Netherlands – 401 points
  4. Norway – 224 points
  5. Cyprus – 218 points

You can check the full scoreboard of the poll, as well as each individual club’s ranking here!

Do you agree with the results?
Would you like to see Mahmood win the contest in May?