Hungary: Joci Pápai seeks father pictures for his Eurovision performance

by Stratos Agadellis 969 views

Could you imagine your father performing on the Eurovision stage? This may come true in May! The winner of A Dal 2019, Joci Pápai, returns to our beloved contest, this time singing his entry called Az én apám (My father). And we all can help him! The Hungarian broadcaster, MTVA, has kicked off a call for our fathers’ pictures!

This year’s Eurovision Song Contest is featured by an emotional entry, which talks about strong blood bond. Unlike most participations that have to do with erotic love, Joci Pápai will be taking to the stage with a song that showcases the deep father-son relationship.

As announced by the Hungarian national broadcaster MTVA, the concept of the artist’s performance in Tel Aviv, will include the appearance of father pictures from around the world. Everybody is invited to contribute to this project. We are all more than welcome to submit pictures of our fathers to the broadcaster and some of them will be picked to appear during Joci’s second taking to the Eurovision stage!

Τhis movement of the Hungarian broadcaster reminds us the Maltese 2014 Eurovision entry, when the island’s broadcaster TVM had asked for fans’ pictures to appear onstage. During the performance of the group Firelight, we saw a total of 208 selfies on the LED screens.

How will this run?

Pictures may be submitted to the broadcaster’s e-mail address [email protected] by 31 March. All interested parties can be informed about the terms and conditions of the procedure from the official website of MTVA. Apart from the pictures, the message must also include:

  • sender’s name,
  • e-mail address,
  • phone number.

In the case of a minor sender, the application must be accompanied by legal parental or guardian approval.

And something else! Are you a dad wishing to see a picture of yours onstage? You are also more than welcome to submit your pictures on your own!

Following the pictures’ selection, MTVA will contact the respective owners to give their final consent for their pictures’ appearing on the stage in Tel Aviv. All senders reserve the right to withdraw their participation at any time.

Hungary at Eurovision 2019

By holding their annual national selection event A Dal, the landlocked country of Central Europe decided to send the singer Joci Pápai in order to defend their colors on their Eurovision stage this year, just two years after his 8th place at the 2017 edition in Kyiv, with the song Origo.

This May, Joci Pápai will be performing his entry Az én apám (My father) which is a hymn to the father-son relationship. Music is by Joci Pápai himself, as well as Ferenc Molnár Caramel, who also serves as the song’s lyricist.

Hungary is going to compete in the first half of the first semi-final on 14 May.