The Netherlands: Highlights from Duncan Laurence’s postcard filming in Tel Aviv

by Roy Knoops 660 views

A few days ago it was time for the Dutch entrant to film his official Eurovision 2019 postcard, as Duncan Laurence visits Tel Aviv in advance of Eurovision!

All the participants are busy shooting their postcards for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Israel, which will be based on the theme Dancing Israel. This week’s beginning saw the Dutch representative Duncan Laurence visit Tel Aviv to record his introductory postcard.

As shared on the official Twitter account of Tel Aviv tourism, Duncan is enjoying the view of beautiful Tel Aviv:

Through Instagram Stories, Duncan Laurence reacted enthusiastically about the host city of Eurovision 2019:

“This city is beautiful!”

While walking through the streets of the city, Duncan comes across a miniature version of “Aladdin’s magic lamp” on a market. He playfully rubs it for extra luck, adding: “I still believe in miracles”.

Ducan wrijft over het wonderlampje

We will get to see the debut of the Netherlands’ official postcard on 16 May, when Duncan Laurence will perform his Eurovision 2019 entry Arcade in the second half of the second semi-final.