The Netherlands: Emma Wortelboer is the official Dutch spokesperson for Eurovision 2019

by Roy Knoops 2,133 views

Broadcaster AVROTROS has confirmed that young television presenter Emma Wortelboer will announce the Dutch “douze points” during the Grand Final of the Eurovision 2019!

As the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv is well on its way, all aspects of the show are taking shape. The artists and their entries are known, the postcards are being filmed, and the official spokespersons are being revealed. This year for the Netherlands, young television host Emma Wortelboer will present the “douze points” of the Dutch professional jury during the Grand Final of Eurovision 2019, on Saturday evening 18 May.

For Emma, it’s a dream come true and the reward for her initiative!

YUNG DWDD and a tattoo with Waylon

Emma Wortelboer currently hosts the item YUNG DWDD, part of the popular TV-show De wereld draait door (a.k.a. DWDD) in which the Dutch ESC entry was presented several times, including Arcade by Duncan Laurence this year. Emma is a huge fan of Eurovision and one of her dreams was to deliver the Dutch points at the contest.

She presented the series #EmmaDouzePoints in YUNG DWDD, in which she elaborated on her fascination for all things Eurovision and pursued her mission to announce the Dutch points, aided by the professional help of Dutch Eurovision artists and connoisseurs. Last year Emma even got the same tattoo as Waylon (guest frontman of The Common Linnets in 2014, solo artist in 2018) and the singer’s support to reach her goal, helping her with the petition to broadcaster AVROTROS.

It would be obvious that Waylon, as last year’s Dutch representative, would announce the Dutch points in 2019. However, Waylon gave his blessing to Emma, as long as she would wear Waylon’s hat! No problem, as they already share a matching Ding-a-dong tattoo in honour of the Dutch Eurovision 1975 winners Teach-In:

Waylon makes way for Emma

And now Emma Wortelboer gets her wish fulfilled, as she will officially present the points of the Dutch jury during the Eurovision Grand Final! The young presenter is very excited and proud to be chosen for this honour:

Yes! So incredibly cool that this really happened. I almost can’t believe that I’ll really be standing there in a while!

Europe will see Emma, and all the other countries’ spokespersons, on Saturday evening 18 May 2019.