Switzerland: Luca Hänni reacts to other 2019 Eurovision entries

by Stefano 2,536 views

Did he get you dirty dancing? Swiss-star and representative at the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Israel Luca Hänni recently posted a video of him reacting to other entries. What happened? Let’s find out!

He has been one of the strongest sensations of this Eurovision season since Swiss-German broadcaster SRF announced just last week his name to represent Switzerland in Tel Aviv. His She got me gained broad recognition in Europe and beyond.

Luca Hänni is currently preparing the staging for his act in Tel Aviv. Meanwhile, he has given a look at some of his fellow contenders, as published by Blick.ch.

“I’m really looking forward to this challenge”

About France‘s Bilal Hassani, Luca noted positively that the entry is in French, and that Bilal is a chamaleonic artist with a good voice. He rates Roi as a strong contender.

Moving on to Cyprus. Tamta‘s Replay reminded him of last year’s runner up Fuego, which, according to him, can be an advantage. He noted the same producer behind the two songs.

Last but not the least, Iceland. Luca was impressed with the choreography, and reacted by saying that he will try to bring on stage the same level of strenght shown by Hatari. The choice of Hatrið mun sigra is completely different from the other entries and therefore show courage.

In conclusion, Luca Hänni can’t wait to fly to Tel Aviv to perform. The contenders are strong and have set the bar very high.

Busy rehearsing

Luca is ready to take on this huge challenge and says that he’s currently very busy rehearsing for his performance in Israel. The whole team is working on the concept of the show. And as it appers on Luca’s Instagram profile, the troupe has arrived in Israel to shoot the Swiss postcard.

Switzerland will enter the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest during the first half of the second semi final on 16 May. The entry is called She got me.