Spain: Exclusive Interview with Lucia Perez

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The 2011 Spanish Eurovision representative Lucia Perez gave an exclusive interview to esctoday's Spanish editor Sanjay Jiandani where she spoke about herself, her Eurovision entry and her plans for Dusseldorf. The Spanish artist shared her thoughts a day before her departure to Dusseldorf.

1. Could you please desribe how is Lucia the person? How is Lucia at home? How are you behind the scene ?

Lucia is a very normal girl, who likes to live life to the fullest, to live each minute.I likegoing out withmy friends and spending time at home with the family, in my hometown.

2. When did you start your musical career? How long have you been singing for?

Well my musical career started off as a hobby. I started participating in various contests and television shows, festivals etc. Then when I was 17 I won a contest on TVG ( Galician television). Since then I have been inspired and motivated to sing. Today I really enjoy singing and music gives me great joy.

3. Could you enlighten us more about your latest album and your new songs?

My new album is titled Cruzo los dedos ( I cross my fingers). In this album you will find a different Lucia to the girl who will represent Spain at the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest. This new album showcases the real me and clearly portrays my style of music.Thus focusing and serving asmy presentation and introduction to the Spanish public. It will target a variety of listeners.

4. What does it mean for you to represent Spain at the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Dusseldorf? How do you feel being the first ever Galician to represent Spain in this event?

I am very proud and honoured to be representing Spain at the forhcoming Eurovision Song Contest and of being the first Galician to represent Spain at such a great event. I am very fortunate to be living this great experience, thus competing in one of the world's biggest musical shows.

5. Do you follow the Eurovision Song Contest every year? Which is your Spanish all time Eurovision entry?

Yes I have been following the Eurovision Song Contest since I was very young. Every year, my mother and me used to prepare a sheet and write down the points for each country. I still see the contest! In fact I still can't believe that it will be me who will be representing Spain this year. My favourite Spanish Eurovision entry is Vuelve Conmigo, the 1995 Spanish entry that Anabel Conde sang, composed by Chema Puron, who happens to be my producer.

6. Have you heard any of the competing entries at this year's Eurovision Song Contest? Which ones do you like? Who could be a strong rival?Do you have any favourites?

I think the United Kingdom is a strong contender and has a very good song. Even Switzerland, Iceland…. etc have good songs. To tell you the truth there are many goodentries this year and the standard and quality are quite high!

7. Have you spoken to Daniel Diges about the Eurovision Song Contest? Has he given you any advice?

Yes I met him during the Spanish Eurovision gala shows. He told to enjoy the every single second of this wonderful experience and that you only get to live this once in a lifetime. We were supposed to meet for a coffee and havechit chat, but time is running out!

8. Which European countries have you visited in order to promote your entry? Will Europe dance Que me quiten lo Bailao?

Of course we hope the whole of Europe dances to our song! I have travelled to Zurich, London and Geneva, where the public danced a lot!

9. What will you wear on stage on the 14th of May? How will be the choreography and staging of your entry be? Could you share with us some details.

Well I can't reveal much at the moment. The only thing I can say is that once we get on stage we will make sure everyone enjoys and is happy. We will try to transmit joy, happiness, positivity and freshness with our performance.

10. Have you recorded your song in any other language than in Spanish? Will there be an English or Galician version? Will you release another version of the song?

No, I haven't had time to record the song in another language yet, maybe sometime in the future.

11. What message would you like to send to the millions of European viewers who will be watching you on the 14th of May? What would your message convey?

I would like to trasnsmit and convey happiness, fiesta and positivity to all the European viewers.

12. Thanks so much for your time and for answering our questions. Do you any message for all our readers at

I would like to thank all the Eurovision fans and esctoday readers for all their support and love. You all are the essence of the Eurovision Song Contest and I would like to share my joy and happiness with you. Thanks for everything. Bicoss ( Kisses). would like to thank Lucia Perez and RTVE for this interview

Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani

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