San Marino: Serhat unveils his Eurovision 2019 song ‘Say na na na’!

by Eleanor Cooper 705 views

The San Marinese Eurovision 2019 representative, Serhat, has released his competing entry for Tel Aviv, entitled Say Na Na Na.

On 21 January this year, it was announced that Serhat would once again be representing San Marino at the Eurovision Song Contest. The song which Serhat will sing was penned by Olcayto Ahmet Tuğsuz and Nektarios Tyrakis.

Say na na na revealed a few minutes back on the official Eurovision YouTube channel and you can watch Serhat’s entry to the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest below:

About Serhat

Ahmet Serhat Hacıpaşalıoğlu was born in 1964 in Istanbul. He started his producing career by establishing his own TV company in 1944, and he went on to host and produce a quiz show. He released his first single in 1997, and continued his musical, theatrical and presenting career throughout the noughties.

In 2016, he represented San Marino at the Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm with the song I didn’t know. Unfortunately, he didn’t make the final.

Serhat will perform Say na na na in the second half of semi-final 1 on Tuesday 14 May.