Watch now: Vidbir 2019 semi-final 2 in Ukraine

by Eleanor Cooper 764 views

Tonight Ukraine continues their quest to find Melovin’s successor as their participant at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest, as tonight we see the second semi-final of their national final take place.

Last week, we saw 8 acts whittled down to three finalists, and this week, another eight will compete for the final three spaces in the final.

Tonight’s competitors are:

  1. Ivan Navi All for the love
  2. Anna Maria – My road
  3. KazkaApart
  4. Kira MazurDykhaty
  5. Laud2 dni 
  6. KhayatEver
  7. BraiiMaybe
  8. Freedom Jazz – Cupidon

Tonight’s three winners will join the three finalists from last week, meaning the final will comprise of 6 acts. The three acts already qualified for the final are:

  • Brunettes Shoot BlondesHouston
  • MaruvSiren song
  • YukoGalyna guliala

The result tonight will be decided by a split between the public vote and a jury; the jury consisting of:

  • Jamala, Eurovision 2016 winner
  • Andrey Danilko (aka Verka Serduchka), Eurovision 2007 runner-up
  • Yevhen Filatov (The Maneken) – singer and producer, creator of ONUKA band

How to watch

Vidbir 2018 airs from 18:00 CET (19:00 local time) and can be viewed on the following channels:

  • UA:First
  • STB
  • Live webcast via the official STB YouTube channel

Last year, Ukraine was represented by the vampiric singer Melovin, who finished in 17th place in the Grand Final with his song Under the ladder.