Saade and Gualazzi together with Amaury Vassili

by Dominique Dufaut 70 views

France is preparing a Eurovision special to be broadcast next Monday May 9th. Amaury Vassili will of course be the star of the show, but French television will also invite Swedish representative Eric Saade and Italian entrant Raphael Gualazzi.

En Route Pour L'Eurovision is the title of the show which will be recorded Next Friday, April 29, to be broadcast five days before the Big Night – on Monday, May 9th, on France 3. Many past entrants are already announced : Natasha St-Pier, Patrick Fiori, Serge Lama, Séverine, Corinne Hermes, to name a few. Even more thrilling is the fact that two of this year's contender will sing their song : Eric Saade, for Sweden, and Raphael Gualazzi, for Italy.

In order to advertise Eurovision, France 3 will also send a team in Düsseldorf, to follow Amaury Vassili's preparations. This will make a 20-minutes special to be broadcast right before the contest. This year's second semi-final will be broadcast on French public "France Ô", with comments by Audrey Chauveau and Bruno Berberes.