San Marino: Serhat talks about his Eurovision comeback

by Stefano 677 views

It’s been on the news since it was announced last week: Serhat is back to Eurovision, again representing the microstate of San Marino. Just yesterday the Turkish singer hold a press conference in his hometown Istanbul. Here is how it went.

It got stuck in our head and we are not ready to let it go. As announced by ESCTodaySerhat will be taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv.

During a press conference in a hotel in Istanbul, Turkey, the singer talked about his forthcoming experience, which will mark the 10th anniversary of the participation of the country in the Eurovision Song Contest.

After his first experience in 2016 in Stockholm where he reached the 12th position in the first semi final with the song I didn’t know, Serhat has accepted the proposal of SMRTV to represent the country again. This is the result of the strong friendship developed with the Sanmarinese Eurovision team.

Back with positive energy

But it’s not all. Serhat also talked about his song. It will be “full of positive energy, a song that is an open hug to the world, to people, beyond borders“. He also stated that he has already started the shootings for the official video clip.

Accompanying his during the press conference, the Director General of SMRTV, Carlo Romeo, underlined that importance of the contest for San Marino and that this edition in Tel Aviv next May will mark the 10th participating year for the country.

In his view, Serhat represents a citizen of the world. He was therefore the right choice for the important landmark, opening a new decade of Eurovision story for San Marino.

Intercultural dialogue

According to Mr. Romeo, Serhat is also committed to “promote dialogue among communities with strong tensions inside“. This goes hand in hand with the role of public broadcasters in the intercultural dialogue for the culture of peace.

Bringing up the examples of many neighbouring countries in Europe, Mr. Romeo is convinced that Serhat’s experience will be positive for this year’s participation of San Marino in the contest.

And while we are waiting for the official video of the 2019 sanmarinese entry, let’s rewatch the performance of Serhat on the stage of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm, Sweden: