OGAE Slovenia: France 12 points

by Michalis Vranis 68 views

The too much awaited OGAE voting poll has kicked off last week with Azerbaijan being the first club to announce their votes for the upcoming Eurovision. This time, OGAE Slovenia announces their final votes. France takes the lead, while Hungary comes second.

For one more year, esctoday in collaboration with OGAE International are presenting you the official votes from each OGAE Club. Today we are presenting you the final votes given by OGAE Slovenia, which are the following:

  • 12 France
  • 10 Hungary
  • 8 Sweden
  • 7 Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • 6 United Kingdom
  • 5 Poland
  • 4 Romania
  • 3 Estonia
  • 2 Greece
  • 1 Russia

OGAE 2011 Complete LineupDetailed results can be found here

  1. 20pts Sweden
  2. 16pts United Kingdom
  3. 15pts Hungary
  4. 14pts Bosnia & Herzegovina
  5. 13pts France
  6. 9pts Russia
  7. 6pts Estonia
  8. 6pts Denmark
  9. 5pts Poland
  10. 4pts Romania
  11. 4pts Bulgaria
  12. 2pts Germany
    2pts Greece

The rest of the countries got null points.

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We have to inform you that esctoday team is aware of all the OGAE votes being spread around the web, eventhough we are presenting you only the official results as they are coming in through OGAE International.