Switzerland: So was the international panel procedure!

by Stefano 646 views

Switzerland is running a mysterious internal process to select their official act for the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Israel. First by scrapping the televised national final, then by introducing an internal selection, yet with regional broadcaster RSI running a public vote to select official wildcards. Now this: a member of the international jury panel gives an insight into her job.

A video was recently published on the website of SRF, the Swiss-german public broadcaster leading the Swiss national selection. A little more of two minutes during which Typh Barrow, a Belgian singer, describes her involvement in the 21-member international panel.

A multi-stage process

First, the judges received online links to listen to different songs. They had to express their opinion, sometimes through points from 1 to 7, sometimes through a broader written comment.

Second, they received a narrower selection of songs along with their music videos on which they had to express their opinion, sometimes only on the artists and sometimes only on the music videos and the songs.

The third and last phase consisted in evaluating the whole package, meaning the combination of the artist and the song. Moreover, a few songs have been submitted to the panel performed by different artists.

Barrow states that she had her favourite, both for the song and for the artist.

You can watch the video (in French, with German subtitles) here.

Act to be revealed in March

According to a recent report from SRF, the official Swiss act for the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 will be unveiled in March 2019. Meanwhile, 5 songs have been shortlisted by the two jury panels (international and public).