Albania: Official video for Feel the passion released

by Victor Hondal 195 views

The official video clip for the Albanian entry Feel the passion, featuring the new English version of the song, has been released online, before it will be premiered live on the TVSH show Historia nis ketu (History starts here), at 20:45 CET.

Aurela Gace and the composer of the song Shpetim Saraci have teamed up with well-known names of the American music industry to produce the final version of the Albanian song: Michael Frondelli (recording and mixing engineer), Gene Grimaldi (mastering engineer), John "JR" Robinson (drums), Nathan East (bass), Michael Thompson (guitar), Lamont Van Hook, Monet and Beverly (backing vocalists). All of them have collaborated with some of the biggest stars in the USA, such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, Lady Gaga or Toni Braxton.

You can watch the videoclip below:

The official videoclip featuring the final version of Feel the passion will be premiered tonight at the Historia nis ketu show, to be aired on TVSH at 20:45 CET.