Slovakia : Official preview clip released

by Alexandru Busa 92 views

Slovakia's official preview video clip for this year's Eurovision Song Contest was released today via the official channel of TWiiNS. The music video was shot in a studio and features footage with Slovakian landscapes from the Carpathian Mountains as well as several recordings highlighting Slovakia's most important events.

Slovakia decided to change the format of their selection method for the Eurovision Song Contest. After willing to withdraw from this year's competitiom, STV nevertheless decided to take part after all as they wanted to avoid paying a fine to the European Broadcasting Union.

Three names were ralling for the right to represent Slovakia in Dusseldorf andthe popular duo TWiiNS consisting of Daniela and Veronika Nizlova managed to convince the Slovakian broadcaster that they are the best solution for this year's Eurovision Song Contest.

TWiiNS will perform their contemporany pop song I'm still alive in the first half of the second semi final on May 12th. Their song was written by Bryan Todd, a multi platinum record producer based in Beverly Hills, Sandra Nordstrom (a Swedish composer)and Brano Jancich (the manager of the band).

The official preview video clip for I'm still alive was released today through the official channel of TWiiNS. You can watch it below :