Hungary: Kati Wolf to sing What about my dreams?

by Cole Lewis 89 views

The Hungarian public TV broadcaster MTV have today announced that the country's representative in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest will be the former X-Faktor contestant Kati Wolf with the song What about my dreams?.

Hungarywill be returning to the Eurovision Song Contest afteran absence in the 2010 contest and will be represented by Kati Wolf, who will beperforming What about my dreams?, in the first Semi Final on the 10th of May.

The current version of the song which is available to listen to is entitled Szerelem, miért múlsz, although it will be partly translated into English for the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest under the titleWhat about my dreams?. It will be performed in both languages on the Germany stage.

Listen to the Hungarian version of Kati Wolf's song: