Live : National final in Armenia

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Tonight Armenia will select its Eurovision entry for Düsseldorf. Emmy was already announced as the official representative of the former USSR country by the Armenian National Television. She will perform four songs and one of them will get to be performed during this year's Eurovision Song Contest.

The show

Emmy was internally selected to represent Armenia in Dusseldorf. She will perform four songs and one of them will win the lucky ticket to the Eurovision Song Contest. The winning song will be decided by a combination of tele voting and jury (50% – 50%)

How to watch

The participating songs

  • Boom Boom (music by Hayk Harutyunyan and Hayk Hovhannisyan, lyrics by Sosi Khanikyan)
  • Goodbye (music and lyrics by Martin Kesici)
  • Ayo (music and lyrics by DerHova)
  • Hi (music by Vahram Petrosyan, lyrics by Mariam Shahinyan, arranger: Lazzaro)
  • Live

    The final is opened by last year's Junior Eurovision Song Contest winner, Vladimir Arzumanyan. He performs his song entitled Mama in front of the Armenian audience. The hosts are now on stage explaining the voting procedure of tonight's event. They introduce Emmy to the audience. She draws the running order herself.

    1. Song number one – Hi
    2. Song numbertwo – Boom Boom

    3. Song number three – Ayo

    4. Song number four – Goodbye

    01. Emmy – Hi

    The first song of tonight's final was written by Vahram Petrosyan andMariam Shahinyan and is entitled Hi. Emmy is wearing a black outfit and takes the stage performing play-back this song. The stage is simple and features the brand new Eurovision vignette in the background all over the song. This is a contemporany up-tempo pop song with clubbing influences. Would this style be succesful al the Eurovision Song Contest? That's a difficult question.

    02. Emmy – Boom Boom

    The second song is called Boom Boom and was penned by Hayk Harutyunyan and Sosi Khanikyan. The stage presentation is very similar to the previously performed song. This track is a contemporany pop song also, but with a more proffesional approach. This could be a perfect soundtrack for a commercial advert. If we think about this performance at a European level, the song is average and it would not trouble the final of this year's Eurovision Song Contest.

    03. Emmy – Ayo

    The third song was written by DerHova. Ayo is a contemporany pop song aswell with a Western European sounding. The stage setting is as simple as for the previously performed songs. Until now, this track stands the best chance to qualify for the final of the contest. The public seems to agree as Emmy receives standing ovations from the audience.

    04. Emmy – Goodbye

    The fourth and last song of tonight's show is called Goodbye and was penned by Martin Kesici. This is a pop ballad with a nice piano intro and may benefit from the perfect draw. The Eurovision vignette is being diplayed on the stage backdrop for this routine. Will this win the ticket to Dusseldorf?

    The voting lines are now open for 15 minutes. A recap of tonight's songs is being aired by the Armenian television.

    2006 Armenian Eurovision representative, Andre, is now on stage and he performs one of his recently released songs.

    Sirusho, who placed 4th at the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 for Armenia, takes the stage and performs an Arabic inspired track which reminds us of the 2009 Armenian entry.

    Another recap of tonight's songs is being aired by ARMTV. The voting lines are now closed.

    2007 Armenian Eurovision contestant, Hayko, is next on stage performing one of his songs.

    -Commercial break-

    We are now back live.

    The winning song was chosen. Boom Boom will be performed by Emmy at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011.