Tonight: Portugal decides for Dusseldorf

by Michalis Vranis 126 views

Tonight at 22.00 live from Teatro Camoes in Lisbon, Portugal will give the ticket to Dusseldorf to one of the twelve acts competing in Festival da Can?�?§?�?£o. The 47th edition of the national selection will decide the country's representative in Eurovision.

The 47th edition of Festival da Canção will be aired tonight live from Lisbon, Portugal. Twelve acts will be competing to represent the country in Eurovision 2011, in Dusseldorf.

How to watch

webcast @ RTP

The participants

The internet voting that lasted a week, decided the following participants to compete in the national final.

  1. Sete Saias – Embalo do coração
  2. Carla Moreno – Sobrevivo
  3. Nuno Norte – São os barcos de Lisboa
  4. Rui Andrade – Em nome do amor
  5. Henrique Feist – Quase a voar
  6. Wanda Stuart – Chegar à tua voz
  7. Tânia Tavares – Se esse dia chegar
  8. Inês Bernardo – Deixa o meu lugar
  9. Filipa Ruas – Tensão
  10. Homens da Luta – Luta é alegria
  11. Axel – Boom boom yeah
  12. Ricardo Sousa – O mar, o vento e as estrelas

The rehearsals

RTP provides exclusive footage from the rehearsals of the participants on their official website here .

The semifinal

Last week, RTP provided snippets lasting 1'30" of 24 songs. Three songs disqualified and from the 21 remaining semifinalists the 12 most voted songs, listed above, are selected to proceed to the final.