Switzerland: RSI selects official internal bids

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A couple of weeks ago RSI, the Swiss-italian broadcaster, published 13 potential bids for the Swiss internal selection. A public vote was conducted online, and a sort of regional final was held yesterday in Lugano.

News is flowing in from the headquarters of the Swiss-italian broadcaster RSI in Lugano. After announcing that a major reform in the selection process would be implemented for 2019, Swiss broadcaster SRG started plans for an internal selection. Part of SRG, regional broadcaster RSI published  13 potential bids.

An online public vote was held in order to select the most-loved 6 acts. Eurofans in Ticino rushed and supported the comeback of SEBalter (Switzerland 2014) who won the online vote  with his new title Carry the light.

Six acts for three spots

These were the six most voted songs on the online platform:

  • Nick Antik – Until you will be mine
  • Karin Cerini – Sorry
  • Scilla Hess – Silence breakers
  • Scille Hess – Playground
  • Julie Meletta – Mama (I walk alone)
  • SEBalter – Carry the light

RSI organised a public “regional final” in the (not so) internal selection process. The six acts performed before an enthousiastic public. The selection was streamed on the website of RSI.

Three acts to be officially submitted

The three most voted acts will be officially submitted by RSI to the Swiss internal selection:

Qualified acts

  • Julie Meletta – Mama (I walk alone) – 13 points
  • SEBalter – Carry the light – 12 points
  • Scilla Hess – Playground – 7 points

Non qualified acts

  • Nick Antik – Until you will be mine – 3 points
  • Scilla Hess – Silence breakers – 3 points
  • Karin Cerini – Sorry – 2 points

What do you think of the selected acts? Let us know with a comment below.