Sweden: Benjamin Ingrosso unveils his first album Identification

by Stratos Agadellis 824 views

When a dream comes true! Having been active in the music industry for several years now, with a remarkable number of released songs and a successful participation in the Eurovision Song Contest, the name of the Swedish 2018 representative Benjamin Ingrosso is now being consolidated in the country’s music scene, with the release of his very first personal album Identification.

As expected, Identification album features pop, electropop and RnB sounds with Benjamin’s charismatic voice and with his 2018 Eurovision entry Dance you off among them. Since its initial release in February, the song has climbed to the top positions of the charts in Sweden, as well in the United Kingdom, Spain and France. His summer release I wouldn’t know is also part of the album and can be found on #2.

Cover of Benjamin Ingrosso’s first album Identification

The album consists of a total of 12 new tracks and is now available on all online music platforms, like Spotify and Deezer. So, let’s enjoy and stick at the repeat button!

Benjamin Ingrosso at Eurovision

Benjamin’s involvement in Eurovision started in 2017, when he was among the 12 participants of the Grand Final of the Swedish annual national selection event, Melodifestivalen. Then he managed to end up 5th, with his entry Good lovin’.

But his journey didn’t stop there. This year he decided to keep fighting for the coveted Eurovision ticket and returned to the competition with the song Dance you off, penned by Ingrosso himself, as well as MAGLouis Schoorl and K Nita. And he did it! Benjamin was crowned as the big winner of Melodifestivalen 2018 and flew to Lisbon in order to represent Sweden and claim one more successful Eurovision result for the Scandinavian country.

In May, he went through to the Grand Final from the second semi-final evening and he finally managed to earn a place in the Top 10, coming 7th with a total of 274 points.

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