Ukraine: EBU concerned about UA:PBC’s future amid broadcast termination

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 826 views

The EBU is extremely worried and concerned about the UA:PBC’s future in Ukraine, following the termination of its analogue broadcast throughout the country due to its impending debts.

Thus the EBU is calling for appropiate funding for UA:PBC in order to restore broadcasting throughout Ukraine.

UA:PBC has been forced to cut off its analogue broadcast due to its stiff debt and lack of government funding.

The Ukrainian broadcaster’s analogue transmission has been suspended as of Tuesday 25 September.

The EBU has been doing to its best in order to help the Ukrainian broadcaster secure appropiate funding in accordance to Ukrainian law and European standards. The EBU has been urging local authorities to resolve this situation and allocate the required funds to the national broadcaster.

In its press release the EBU goes on to state:

It is critical that citizens have access to independent, pluralistic news and information. This is especially important in the run up to next year’s Presidential and Parliamentary elections in Ukraine.

UA:PBC has one of the smallest budgets in Europe. This year the Ukrainian broadcaster has only received half of its budget (defined by national law).

Mr. Noel Curran (EBU Director) says:

We are dismayed that the authorities have taken the decision to deprive the Ukrainian people of this important public service.

We urge the authorities to restore transmissions immediately and allocate the necessary funding to allow public service media to fulfil its critical role to society and to democracy in Ukraine.

Earlier this year the EBU released an article stating that the Ukrainian national broadcaster, UA:PBC ,was under threat of closure due to lack of funding.

Ukraine in Eurovision 2019?

Last Monday UA:PBC confirmed to ESCToday its participation at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv. We hope the current situation afflicting the Ukrainian national broadcaster is resolved soon and will not affect the country’s participation at the upcoming Eurovision edition in Tel Aviv.

Ukraine in Eurovision

Ukraine debuted in Eurovision in 2003 and has won the competition on two ocassions, namely in 2004 with Ruslana and in 2016 with Jamala.

The country is amongst the most successful countries in the contest and has never missed a Eurovision Grand Final since its debut, with the exception of 2015 when the country Ukraine withdrew from the contest. Ukraine has achieved a total of 9 Top 10 placings in its 15 year history in the event.

Ukriane has hosted the Eurovision Song Contest twice: 2005 and 2017. In 2018 Melovin flew to Lisbon and defended the Ukrainian colours at the Eurovision Song Contest with his entry Under the ladder.