Tonight: National final in Slovenia

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Tonight, Slovenia will be deciding its representative in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest through the popular selection show EMA. Ten acts, internally selected, will be competing for that honour. The eventual winner will be chosen by televoting.

The show

The highly anticipated Slovenian selection EMA is here once again. There will be a total of ten performances, two of which will be allowed to go through the so-called 'superfinal' thanks to the jury voting. Three well-known faces make up the panel: Darja Svajger (Slovenia 1995 and 1999), Severina (Croatia 2006) and Mojca Mavec. In the next round, the final decision will lie in the hands of the viewers, who will choose their representative via televoting.

How to watch

  • Live on RTVSLO at 20:00 CET
  • Webcast ( official)


  1. Rock Partyzani –Time for revolution(Aleš Klinar)
  2. Tabu –Moje lu?�?�i(Toma?�?? Trup, Iztok Melanšek)
  3. Nina Pušlar –Bilo lepi bi(Martin Štibernik, Dejan Radi?�?�evi?�?�)
  4. Maja Keuc –Vanilija(Matja?�?? Vlaši?�?�, Urša Vlaši?�?�)
  5. Feliks Langus –Disco raj(Matej Mršnik, An?�??e Langus, Alen Ster?�??aj)
  6. Leeloojamais –Slovenka(Leeloojamais , Sašo Pipi?�?�)
  7. April –Ladadidej(Raay, Erika Mager,Franci Tepina)
  8. Sylvain, Mike Vale feat. Hannah Mancini –Ti si tisti(Hannah Mancini, Mike Vale, Anze Palka)
  9. Time to time –Pravi ?�?�as(Time to Time)
  10. Omar Naber –Bistvo skrito je o?�?�em(Omar Naber, Jure Golobi?�?�, Eva Breznikar)

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You can vote for your favourite act in the Slovenian selection EMA in our poll here.