Tonight: FYR Macedonia selects for Düsseldorf

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Tonight FYR Macedonia will select its entrant for the Eurovision Song Contest. The show Skopski festival will be contested by 20 acts and the winner of the show will compete in the second semi-final on 12th May.

The show

The festival will kick-off at 20:30 CET live from the Universal Hall in the capital, Skopje. 88 songs were submitted to this festival and 20 of them will compete tonight for the ticket to Dusseldorf. The show will also feature a number of guest artists, like Gjoko Taneski (FYR Macedonia 2010) and Femminem (Croatia 2010 & Bosnia & Herzegovina 2005).

How to watch

Live on MKTV at 20:30 CET (Hotbird 7A 13.0E)
webcast ( official)

The participants

  • Rok Agresori – Kukuriku (Zoran Trikov, Aleksandar Ristovski-Prince, Zoran Trikov)
  • Boban Mojsovski – Te krade toj (Lazar Cvetkovski, Lazar Cvetkovsi, Ognen Nedelkovski)
  • Olivera Gorgovska – Na kraj (Goce Simonovski, Goce Simonovski, Radi Vrcakovski)
  • Angelina Stojanoska – Znaes li (Daniel Mitrevski, Daniel Mitrevski-Petar Dimitrovski, Irena Dimovska)
  • Skipi & Tajzi – Ostavi politika i pojacaj ton (Skipi, Skipi, Tajzi)
  • Amir Ibrahimovski & Art Sound – Posledna pesna (Jovan Vasilevski, Jovan Vasilevski-Gligor Kodoski, Jovan Vasilevski)
  • Emilija Gievska feat. Andrej Miske – Paranoja (Boban Apostolov, Boban Apostolov, Zoran Rudan)
  • Riste Tevdovski – Ne se menuva ljubovta (Milan Milanov, Lazar Cvetkovski, Milan Milanov)
  • Martin Srbinovski – Ram tam tam (Martin Srbinovski, Martin Srbinovski-Goce Simonovski, Martin Srbinovski)
  • Lidija Kocovska – Bozji pateki (Aleksandar Cekredzi, Aleksandar Cekredzi, Maja Pavlovska)
  • Goran Kargov – Lazes deka ne boli (Hris Marin, Vladimir Dojcinovski, Petar Acev)
  • Zdravka Mircevska – Ludost (Zdravka Mircevska, Kiril Babamov, Zdravka Mircevska)
  • Natasa Malinkova – Greshka (Stole Avramov, Zoran Aleksic, Mence Avramova)
  • Ile Spasov – Tugja si (Ile Spasov, Ile Spasov, Ognen Nedelkovski)
  • Filip Jordanovski – Sekogash nekoj poveke vredi (Blaze Temelkov, Darko Tasev, Blaze Temelkov)
  • Natalija Slaveva – Ne mi trebas (Zoran Aleksic, Stole Avramov-Zoran Aleksic, Daniel Bankov)
  • Ivan Jovanov & Denis Eks – Kockar (Denis Hajdarevic-Ivan Jovanov, Jovan Jovanov, Denis Hajdarevic)
  • Offside – Sekoj den (Milan Milanov, Goce Simonovski, Milan Milanov)
  • Vlatko Ilievski – Rusinka (Gilgor Koprov, Vladimir Dojcinovski, Vladimir Dojcinovski-Jovan Jovanov)
  • Vodolija – Ne vrakaj se (Risto Apostolov, Risto Apostolov, Risto Apostolov)

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