Switzerland: SRF introduces new national selection format; apply for the 100-member audience panel

by Stratos Agadellis 947 views

With the end of their annual national competition Die Entscheidungsshow, the German-speaking Swiss national broadcaster SRF announces a new selection procedure, with which the country’s entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 will be chosen by both an 100-member audience panel and international jury.

Song submissions open; how to apply for the jury panel?

SRF has already opened song submissions for the Swiss national selection and will be open by 1 October, at 12:00 CEST. Here is the broadcaster’s platform, which has to be completed by the interested artists and authors.

In order to apply for membership in the 100-member jury, you have to take part in an online survey, showcasing your music tastes through 2×3 video reviews, with a total duration of 5-7 minutes. The survey might be open to everywhere in the world and available in German, French and Italian, but the jury panel will be composed only by Swiss individuals.

As stated by SRF, the jury members are going to be involved to the whole selection procedure, from the preselection to the final vote. Here’s the broadcaster’s announcement for the candidate jury members:

We are looking forward to seeing spectators from Switzerland decide who will travel for our country and with which song to the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Israel. Interested audience is invited to apply.

Here you may be directly linked to SRF’s online survey platform.

This year, SRF is not going to air a live national final. On the contrary, the representing song and artists will be publicly announced right after their final selection by both jury panels.

Switzerland at Eurovision 2018

By taking place last February, the Swiss national selection show Die Entscheidungsshow 2018 selected the duo ZiBBZ, made of siblings Corinne and Stefan Gfeller, with their pop rock song Stones, to represent the country at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Lisbon.

ZiBBZ participated at the first semi-final of the contest and finally came 13rd with 86 points, thus failing to qualify to the Grand Final. This was the 4th consecutive elimination for Switzerland, which now aspires to reverse its recent poor fortunes and get back to its older glories, with a new national selection system.