The Netherlands: Ilse DeLange releases her long-awaited solo album

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The eponymous solo album takes the Dutch singer back to her pop roots, with a dash of country.

Ilse DeLange is one of the Netherlands’ most prolific artists, yet in the past years she mostly focussed on her popular country project The Common Linnets. Since the groups’ success at Eurovision 2014 alongside guest-frontman Waylon, Ilse and her Linnets toured extensively throughout Europe.

The singer’s last solo album Eye of the hurricane dates from 2012, the compilation album After the hurricane being released in 2013.

Now, the Dutch country- and popstar is back with a new eponymous solo album. Ilse DeLange departs from the pure country and bluegrass style of The Common Linnets, returning to Ilse DeLange’s smooth pop tunes – with country influences mixed in.

She proudly presented her album on Facebook and Instagram:

It’s time! My new album is out!!! I have looked forward to this moment for so long… There are so many people I am thankful to, my co-writers, the amazing musicians, Tofer Brown with whom I have produced this album!

Super happy that I can finally share the songs and go play these songs live with my super band as of today!

Geplaatst door Ilse DeLange op Donderdag 30 augustus 2018

Ilse DeLange is out now in a regular edition, a special edition which includes a magazine full of info, interviews, Ilse’s favourite Nashville hotspots and prizes to win, and a vinyl edition.

Ilse has already released several singles from the album, including OK, Lay your weapons down, Around again and Sun & shadow.

Enjoy the emotional official music video of Lay your weapons down and a live version of Sun & shadow which she recently played on Radio 538:

Tuckerville and more

Besides the release of her latest album, Ilse DeLange has more to look forward to. The 2018 edition of her country festival Tuckerville in the city Enschede is all set to take place on Saturday 1 September, with a host of (inter)national stars, including Carrie Underwood. A clubtour will follow, plus a large concert in Amsterdam’s Ziggo Dome on 2 February 2019.

For information about the album and upcoming events, visit Ilse DeLange’s official website

Eurovision and international success

Together with artist Waylon, Ilse DeLange and her country initiative The Common Linnets represented the Netherlands at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen, Denmark. With their dark country ballad Calm after the storm the group won semi-final 1, ultimately honourably placed 2nd in the Grand Final with 238 points and received two additional Marcel Bezençon Awards, the Artistic and Composer Award.

Waylon decided to focus on his solo career after Eurovision, while Ilse and The Common Linnets enjoyed considerable commercial success and critical acclaim. They are particularly popular in Germany and Austria, delivered the theme song for the American TV-show Wayward Pines, while Ilse had a recurring role as vocal coach Ilse de Witt in the final season of the American series Nashville.