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The final of Destino Eurovisión, the Spanish national selection for Eurovision 2011, is about to start. Three hopefuls will participate, singing three songs each. The ultimate decision will lie in the hands of the Spanish viewers.

How to watch

  • Live on TVE1 at 22:15 CET
  • Webcast(TVE official)
  • Via satellite on TVE Internacional Europa (Hotbird 19), live at 22:15 CET

The participants

El sol brillará(Rafael de Alba)
Evangelyne(Kjell Jennstig, Dejan Belgrenius & Kristin Molin)
Volver(Primoz Poglajen, Jonas Gladnikoff, Camilla Gottschalck & Christina Schilling)

Lucía Pérez:
Abrázame(Antonio Sánchez-Ohlsson & Thomas G.son)
C’est la vie! It’s allright(W&M, Nestor Geli, Susie Päivärinta, P. Andersson & M. Lindberg)
Que me quiten lo bailao(Rafael Artesero Herrero)

Diamonds(Nestor Geli, Susie Päivärinta, Pär Lönn)
Eos(Jesús Cañadilla & Alejandro de Pinedo)
Sueños rotos(Primoz Poglajen, Jonas Gladnikoff, Camilla Gottschalck, Christina Schilling)

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You will be able to vote for your favourite participant in tonight's show in our pollhere.


The show has started. Anne Igartiburu, the host, welcomes the audience. She is explaining the procedure for tonight's selection. Now, the jury members are being presented.

Melissa, Auryn and Lucía Pérez, the Spanish finalists, are now on stage ready to be interviewed. Melissa is explaining that they were given the songs right after last week's show. On Saturday morning they had to start learning them. They also confirm that the songs to be presented tonight have been rearranged and will sound better than in the videos uploaded on the RTVE website.

Song 1. Melissa – Eos (Current poll result: 2nd – 18.6%)

First to perform tonight is Melissa with Eos, a power ballad with a mysterious and magical beginning. The girl is wearing a white night gown, with a divine touch. The song gains strength right after the first verse. Both the lyrics and the staging elements refer to a legendary woman. Melissa's vocals are strong tonight, something that can be seen especially at the end of the song.

Song 2. Auryn – Evangelyne (Current poll result: 9th – 3.9%)

Evangelyne is a pop-RnB ballad, with polyphonic vocals. Each member of the band has the chance to show off his vocal skills with this song. Nonetheless, the entry lacks strength and certainly the boys' voices sound much better all together. Beautiful song, but it would be surprising if it took the victory tonight.

Song 3. Lucía Pérez – Que me quiten lo bailao (Current poll result: 7th – 5.8%)

The third song of the night is the most Spanish entry in the national selection. The song is catchy, happy and optimistic. In fact, Que me quiten lo bailao in Spanish means something that "I have enjoyed a lot till now, no matter what is to come". Lucía's vocals are really in tune, not missing a single note. This song stands out from the rest as it is an up-tempo theme. It will be interesting how it does tonight.

First guest performance of the night: Sole Giménez with Volando voy.

Song 5. Auryn – El sol brillará (Current poll result: 8th – 4.7%)

Auryn are singing their second entry. El sol brillará is a pop song, a gentle tune conveying a positive and optimistic message. All five members of the band are now wearing casual clothes – jeans, sweater, t-shirts. They seem to be a bit nervous, as they have failed to hit several notes in both this performance and the previous one.

Song 6. Lucía Pérez – Abrázame (Current esctoday.poll result: 1st – 21.2%)

Here is the clear favourite to win tonight. At least, so think our readers. Abrázame is a melancholic ballad, transmitting a romantic message. Lucía is delivering a powerful performance, feeling confident on stage. We are watching one of the most professional acts of the night so far. The musical bridge has a trumpet feature. Effective crescendo, with a tender ending.

Song 7. Melissa – Diamonds (Current poll result: 4th – 9.8%)

Melissa is set to sing the only dance entry of the night, Diamonds, maybe the most typical Eurovision song in the Spanish final. As the title suggests, the song deals with a story of love and glamour and feaures a number of verses in English. Once again, Melissa is showing off her powerful vocal abilities. This song might easily gain a notable support tonight if it makes the cut.

Song 8. Auryn – Volver (Current poll result: 3rd – 16.3%)

According to our readers, if Auryn win the selection, they should go to Düsseldorf with this song. In fact, it's the best entry in their repertoire tonight. It's a romantic ballad, well built and very appropriate for the vocals of the band. It is easy to see that Auryn want to go to Eurovision with this song, as they are putting on a bigger effort than with their other two entries.

Song 9. Lucía Pérez – C'est la vie! It's alright (Current esctoday.poll result: 6th – 9.3%)

In less than 50 minutes, all songs will have been performed. The last entry of the night, C'est la vie! It's alright could easily be from a musical theatre number. It reminds a bit of Cabaret. It is also similar to several songs of Chenoa. It is difficult to decide whose are the best vocals of the night. It is easy to see that Lucía feels very comfortable with this kind of songs.

Blue, the British representatives in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest, are now on stage performing Breathe easy.Their vocals are impressive. This makes us wonder if Auryn are the right option for Spaintonight. The UK representatives are talking about their entry. They confirm that I can will be premiered in their country, and will be an "anthemic pop" song.

The jury is now deciding upon Melissa's entries. One of them will proceed to the next phase.

  • Eos advances to the next stage of the show.
It's turn for the Auryn songs.
  • Volver advances to the next stage of the show.

The jury will now assess Lucía Pérez's songs.

  • There has been a tie between Que me quiten lo bailao and Abrázame. After moments of confusion, Lucía declares that she would feel more comfortable singing Abrázame. Boris Izaguirre refuses to change his votes. The decision is pending and the jury deliberates again. Finally, a decision is made: Que me quiten lo bailao proceeds.

Phone lines are now open. Viewers can vote for their favourite remaining entry.

A new poll has been set up. You can vote foryour favourite entry to represent Spainhere.

The superfinal has started.

Melissa is performing Eos again.

Auryn are singing Volver for the second time.

Lucía Pérez closes tonight's performances with Que me quiten lo bailao.

We are advancing towards the end of the show. All three candidates are now inviting the viewers at home to vote for them.

It's time for another guest performance of the night: Daniel Diges, Spanish representative last year, with the song Angel.

Last guest performance comes from Albert Hammond, singingEntre mis recuerdos.

The voting window has closed. The results are expected to be announced shortly.

The results are coming in…

Spanish results


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