United Kingdom: Sonia returns and she’s Dancin’ in the Driver’s Seat

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The United Kingdom’s nineties pop icon and Eurovision 1993 runner-up Sonia Evans is back with a new single, Dancin’ in the driver’s seat.

Sonia dazzled the 1993 Eurovision stage with Better the devil you know, yet the late ’80’s and early ’90’s British pop sensation has developed into a versatile celebrity, venturing into acting and television work.

She’s currently one of the stars of the reality TV-series Celebrity 5 Go Caravanning on Channel 5 alongside Colin Baker, Tony Blackburn, Todd Carty and Sherrie Hewson.

Dancin’ in the driver’s seat with Sonia

Besides starring on television, music is still Sonia’s great passion. The singer has recently released her latest single Dancin’ in the driver’s seat.

The song is a poppy summer tune with a dash of the good old Motown-sound, reminiscent of Sonia’s Eurovision 1993 entry. The song was actually meant to be included on Sonia’s 2007 Greatest Hits album, however her record label decided not to release any new recordings.

Produced and written by Barry Upton and American lyricist Gordon Pogoda and originally recorded in 2003, a version of Dancin’ in the driver’s seat by the group Inspiration was featured in the 2006 film Little Miss Sunshine.

And finally Sonia has presented her long-awaited interpretation of the song, and with instant success: Dancin’ in the driver’s seat hit the number 1 spot on the UK iTunes Vocal Singles Chart.

Dancin’ in the driver’s seat will be part of an EP together with Your heart or mine (by Barry Upton and Gordon Pogoda) and If you come back to me (by Barry Upton).


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About Sonia

Sonia Evans (Liverpool, 1971) is a pop singer, actress and entertainer from the United Kingdom.

She rose to fame at the young age of 18 when her debut single You’ll never stop me loving you, by famous songwriting/production trio Mike Stock, Matt Aitken and Pete Waterman, topped the UK Singles Chart in 1989. A string of hit singles and albums followed, turning Sonia into a pop sensation.

Towards the end of the 1990’s Sonia’s musical career came into quieter waters, yet she remained a popular celebrity, appearing in television shows and theatre productions.

At Eurovision 1993

After winning the national selection A Song For Europe 1993, Sonia represented the United Kingdom at the 1993 Eurovision Song Contest in Millstreet, Ireland, with the up-beat song Better the devil you know by Brian “Red” Teasdale and Dean Collinson.

It turned out to be a thriller between the United Kingdom and Ireland, Sonia just missing out on a victory as Ireland’s Niamh Kavanagh ultimately triumphed on home soil with the epic ballad In your eyes.

Sonia was a proud runner-up, earning the 2nd place with 164 points. Better the devil you know became a Eurovision evergreen.