Hungary: AWS are back with their latest single Hol Voltál?

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Metalcore and post-hardcore band AWS from Hungary unleash their justified fury in their new single Hol voltál?

Hol voltál? (“Where have you been?” or “Where were you?” is the latest song by metal band AWS and the first single since their Eurovision 2018 participation with Viszlát nyár (“Goodbye, summer”). In line with their Eurovision entry, Hol voltál? is again a song filled with raw emotions and surging passions.

As the title Hol voltál? suggests, the lyrics deal with absent or indifferent parents, friends or lovers, who have turned their backs on their loved ones in order to dwell in their own selfishness. Frontman Örs Siklósi confronts these dispassionate characters in the accompanying music video, yet again displaying his impressive vocals in the song.

With no need to paint a pretty picture, AWS delivers a powerful message:

Where were you when I got left alone in the dark? Where were you while I was fighting myself all the time? Where were you when my scream broke the silent night? Where were you while no-one believed that death was too close to us?

Wherever you are, whatever you do, God will forgive you, but I won’t!

Where were you when it didn’t matter who could be hurting me? Where were you while I was so cold that I couldn’t feel anything? Where were you when no-one cared about me begging? Where were you while I felt the years were only minutes passing by? Where were you where I needed the love, but you took it all away?

You got all the answers tonight, I was waiting so long to see you face to face. You got all the answers tonight, You’re just as dirty as all the others.

AWS is currently working on their forthcoming album. Hol voltál? was written by Örs Siklósi, the neon-infused music video was directed by Richard Besenczi. The actors in the video are Péter Csobánczi, Józsi Incze and Luca Paulovics.

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AWS at Eurovision 2018

AWS is a metalcore and post-hardcore band from Hungary. Formed in 2006, the group currently consists of Örs Siklósi, Bence Brucker, Dániel Kökényes, Soma Schiszler and Áron Veress.

Winning Hungary’s national selection A Dal 2018, the band represented their country at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon, Portugal, with the song Viszlát nyár.

Viszlát nyár is a very personal song, inspired by singer Örs Siklósi’s relationship with, and loss of, his father. It reflects on the last words of the dying parent, while the son attempts to process everything and give it a place.

Delivering an explosive and fiery stage performance in semi-final 2, AWS progressed to the Grand Final, eventually placing 21st with 93 points.

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