Iceland: Yohanna releases English version of Nótt

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 99 views

Icelandic star Yohanna, who represented Iceland at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest, has released the English version of her 2011 song Nótt. The title of the English version is Slow down. Yohanna was the hot favourite to win the golden ticket to Düsseldorf last Saturday at the Icelandic Eurovision 2011 national final, but Sjonni's friends got that honour instead.

A few days after her participation in the Icelandic national final, Yohanna has just released the English version of her song Nótt, Slow down, which would have been the Icelandic entry in Düsseldorf if she had been chosen to represent the country.

Yohanna and her team have worked very hard on the production and presentation of their song Nótt. Fans will be happy to hear the English version here.

Yohanna acheived an honourable 2nd placing at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow with her song Is it true?, where she showcased her strong vocal skills and extraordinary musical talent.