UPD Ukraine : Televoting results announced

by Alexandru Busa 146 views

The televoting results for the three semi finals of this year's Ukrainian national selection have been announced by the official broadcaster of the Eastern European country. Ivan Berezovskiy, Zaklyopki and Mila Nitich join the line-up of the national final to be held on February 26th in Kyiv.

Ukraine will select its Eurovision representative on February 26th when a total number of twenty acts will fight for the golden ticket to Düsseldorf. Former Eurovision contestant Anastasia Prikhodko as well as some popular names of the Ukrainian show-business are taking part in the competition. Eighteen acts qualified by jury's choice from the show's three semi finals. Another three competitiors joined the line-up after qualifying via televoting : Ivan Berezovskiy, Zaklyopki and Mila Nitich.

The running order was also determined by NTU and this is how the full line-up for the national final is looking like :

  1. Alexey Matias – Myself
  2. Zlata Ognevich- The Kukushka
  3. Mika Newton – Angely
  4. Jamala – Smile
  5. Neksi – Sever-jug
  6. El Kravchuck – Moja nadejda
  7. Eduard Romanyuta – Berega
  8. Darya Medova – Infinity
  9. Armyia – Alo, alo
  10. Vitalj Galaj – My expression
  11. Anastasiya Prikhodko – Action
  12. Bahroma – Cernoe more
  13. Vladislav Levitsky – Love
  14. Denys Povaly – Aces high
  15. Shanis – Ya tvoja
  16. Jemchug – Hero
  17. Ivan Berezovskiy – Ave Maria
  18. Tanya Vorzeva – Vsyo reseno
  19. Elena Korneeva – Why did I say goodbye
  20. Zaklyopki – Superhero (Uh-la-la)
  21. Mila Nitich – Goodbye

Ukraine will compete in the first half of the second semi final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2011.