Slovenia : Full line-up announced

by Alexandru Busa 69 views

The full line-up of this year's Slovenian national final for the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 was revealed by the national broadcaster of the country, RTV Slo. The official song titles of the competition and the names of the participating composers were finally announced.

Slovenia will select its Eurovision representative on February 27th. Ten acts will fight for the right of representing their homeland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011. A special jury consisting of professionals involved in the Slovenian show-business will select two acts to qualify for the super final. The winner will be chosen by televoting (100%).

This is how the line-up for the Slovenian national final is looking like :

  1. Rock Partyzani – Time for revolution (Aleš Klinar)
  2. Tabu – Moje lu?�?�i (Toma?�?? Trup, Iztok Melanšek)
  3. Nina Pušlar – Bilo lepi bi (Martin Štibernik, Dejan Radi?�?�evi?�?�)
  4. Maja Keuc – Vaniljia (Matja?�?? Vlaši?�?�, Urša Vlaši?�?�)
  5. Feliks Langus – Disco raj (Matej Mršnik, An?�??e Langus, Alen Ster?�??aj)
  6. Leeloojamais – Slovenska (Leeloojamais , Sašo Pipi?�?�)
  7. April – Ladadidej (Raay, Erika Mager,Franci Tepina)
  8. Sylvain, Mike Vale feat. Hannah Mancini – Ti si tisti (Hannah Mancini, Mike Vale, Anze Palka)
  9. Time to time – Pravi ?�?�as (Time to Time)
  10. Omar Naber – Bistvo skrito je o?�?�em (Omar Naber, Jure Golobi?�?�, Eva Breznikar)

Slovenia will compete in the second semi final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2011.